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History Hunters

St James’ Local History Learning Package for

Key Stage 2

exploring buddle grave

Benwell, Elswick and Scotswood are in the middle of big changes.

This is not new!

 When St James’ Church was built almost 200 years ago,a century of big changes was just beginning Newcastle was expanding into the surrounding countryside and outlying villages were becoming suburbs.

This learning package helps children understand their locality’s changing past by bringing to life six people buried in the graveyard of a significant local building – St James’ Church on Benwell Lane, Newcastle.

What’s in the learning package?

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To get you started view and download these two introductory pdfs first

About the learning package    All contents

View these to help you decide what resources to use

intro ppt slideshow  – each slide has notes on the places and people in the history hunt

St James’ biographies  – the six families investigated in the history hunt

St James’ timeline

census notes

useful websites

teachers crib artefacts

More useful information on the St James’ website

History Hunters scheme of work

These are the pdfs and slideshow needed to run the complete scheme of work


intro lesson plan    intro ppt slideshow

Step1            Visit the graveyard What can the gravestones can tell us about six people’s lives?

lesson plan    visit leaders crib    trail map    worksheet

Step 2            Investigate artefacts Which of the six people could they have belonged to?

lesson plan    teacher’s crib    resource    worksheet

Step 3            Investigate census records What do they tell us about the local area or the people?

lesson plan    alderson    buddle    ferguson    grainger    ryan    sowerby    worksheet

Step 4            Investigate maps and images              What more can we learn from these?

lesson plan    alderson    buddle    ferguson    grainger    ryan    sowerby    worksheet

Step 5            Produce a report for the St James’ Heritage & Environment Group

lesson plan

Extra Activities

These activities supplement the core steps but could also replace some of them.

Glass detectives

lesson plan    resource    teacher’s crib    worksheet

Grainger project

lesson plan    resource

Ryan’s death mystery

lesson plan    resource     teacher’s crib

Making a century timeline

lesson plan    resource    crib1    crib 2    crib 3

 History Hunters in the graveyard and classrom – photos