Stories in the Graveyard

St James’ Graveyard is an exciting and interesting place. As well as all the graves, with their images and information about local people who lived here in the past, the graveyard is a haven for wildlife. There are many different types of trees, plants, birds, bees, butterflies and insects, as well as bats and hedgehogs.

We have worked with storyteller Chris Bostock to put together a collection of stories about birds, trees and animals to make a story telling trail. These are available to download below – either click to play them through your browser, or download to play through your preferred audio program.  There are 10 available stories all voiced by Chris.

The stories are also available on CD, by visiting the graveyard on a Tuesday afternoon.

01 – The Girl Who Danced with the Trees
02 – Why the Bat flies at Night
03 – Why Some Trees Stay Green all year Round
04 – The Skylark
05 – St Cuthbert and the Fish
06 – The Cherry Tree
07 – The King and the Seeds
08 – The Happy Man’s Shirt
09 – Stone Soup
10 – The Old Man and the Cracked Pot